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TackSolv is a highly concentrated biodegradable asphalt release agent for use on truck beds, chip and seal equipment, rollers, pavers, shovels, rakes, and more. Unlike typical asphalt release agents that are soap-based formulations, TackSolv is a special blend of film-forming polymers and surface-active agents specifically designed to create a molecular, non-stick protective coating with high-performing release capabilities.  

TackSolv is NTPEP Tested, DOT approved in multiple states, and is safe enough to be used full strength and powerful enough to be diluted up to 30:1 with water. TackSolv also works extremely well, preventing asphalt adhesion on paving equipment, and is safe to use on rubber tire rollers, pavers, and material transfer equipment.  State-of-the-art truck and plant spray systems are provided if needed.

SDS Sheets Available Upon Request

Best Applications:

  • Specifically Formulated to Handle Even the Toughest High Polymer Modified Asphalt Mixes
  • Will Not Degrade or Strip Asphalt
  • Highly Concentrated = Industry Leading Cost Per Gallon 
  • Prevents Build up on Rubber Paving Rollers and Tracks
  • Also Highly Effective as Drag Slat Lubricant

Technical Sheet

Usage and Key Benefits:

  • Zero Flash Point
  • State-DOT Approved and NTPEP Tested
  • Non-Hazardous, Non-Corrosive, Ships as Non-DOT Regulated 
  • Safe and Non-toxic
  • Contains No Petroleum Solvents
  • Available in Jugs, Drums, and Totes

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